Consumer contracts (including CHF-denominated loan agreements)

Our Law Firm provides legal services to consumers in executing contracts with businesses.

Corporate consulting, company law and services for businesses

Our Law Firm specializes in rendering on-going corporate services for companies, including thei (...)

Family law

Our team has long and rich experience in handling various cases within family law.

Labour law

Labour law is one of the central areas of expertise in Jedliński, Bierecki and Partners Law Fir (...)

Inheritance law

Our knowledge and experience in providing legal advice within inheritance law are dedicated to (...)

Public procurement

Our Law Firm offers legal aid both to contractors and ordering authorities, providing comprehen (...)

Real estate and construction projects

Our Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in the all matters related to real estate law (...)

Compensations (contractual, accidents)

Our Law Firm provides assistance in pre-court and court compensation claims, acting for insurer (...)

Services for local government authorities

The Law Firm provides professional and comprehensive legal consulting services in administrativ (...)

Mergers and acquisitions

Jedliński, Bierecki and Partners Law Firm has long experience in serving commercial law compani (...)


Our Law Firm renders services of representing clients in litigations before common and administ (...)

Personal data protection (GDPR)

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive legal aid in personal data protection, dedicated both to pr (...)

Intellectual property and copyrights

Our Law Firm cooperates with patent attorneys, providing support in registering trademarks, ind (...)


The Law Firm offers services dedicated to cooperatives: farming, labour, housing, credit unions (...)

Consumer debt collection

Owing to its state-of-the-art IT solutions, including a copyrighted application dedicated to co (...)